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The car reflects its owner. it speaks about the style and character of a person, emphasizes their appearance. A car is like a stylish suit for a man or a beautiful dress for a girl, in which you feel comfortable, comfortable and confident in any situation.

Currently, modern technologies and professionalism of specialists allow to restore and maintain an attractive appearance of the car, its paintwork, regardless of the age and service life of the vehicle.

Car body polishing is one of the key components of professional car care, providing it with a flawless appearance. An effective way to renew your paintwork!

Under the influence of various kinds of negative factors, the paintwork of the car fades, its surface is covered with small scratches, chips, a web of microscopic cracks. This leads to a loss of the original shine. It is polishing that will help restore the lost gloss to your car.

The following paintwork defects can be removed by polishing:

– scuffs, stains on the paintwork, which occur due to mechanical stress or contact with other cars;

– foreign paint on the body, including marking;

– cracks and scratches up to 50 microns deep;

– stains after poor-quality washing;

– dust particles deposited on the paintwork during painting;

– roughness due to which the varnish is not sufficiently smooth and pleasant to the touch. Quite often, the client is presented with a huge number of polishing options (corrective, restorative, abrasive, etc.) to choose from, which lead to confusion and inconvenience.

In the Luxury Detailing Pro center, the most effective way has been selected: the specialist personally will select the necessary set of materials for the condition of the paintwork, adhering to all the worked standards in the process, which ensures an impeccable result!

Working with car body parts requires accuracy and strict adherence to technology. Any violation increases the risk of new defects in the paintwork. This is why polishing should be done by experienced professionals.

Our detailing studio uses materials of exclusively premium quality, tested on our own experience.

We will provide you with an unsurpassed result, but its safety will largely depend on how carefully you operate your car.

Важно помнить, что отполированная поверхность кузова очень уязвима и может легко потерять свой сверкающий вид из-за любого даже небольшого механического, химического и ультрафиолетового воздействия. Чтобы сохранить воссозIt is important to remember that the polished surface of the body is very vulnerable and can easily lose its sparkling appearance due to any even slight mechanical, chemical and ultraviolet exposure. In order to preserve the recreated shine and beauty, it is recommended to complete the body polishing process with a protective nanoceramic coating.

The car body polishing service includes:

✅ Professional acceptance of the car for work (using special equipment);;

✅ Two-phase body wash;

✅ Cleaning doorways and trunk lids;

✅ Chemical and mechanical cleaning of the body from stubborn dirt;

✅ Protection of unpainted plastic parts;

✅ Professional polishing of the car body with premium materials;

✅ Safe elimination of scratches on the car body;

✅ Cleaning the car from the remains of polishing paste;

✅ Processing of plastic body parts with a preservative;

✅ Blackening of tires with premium composition

✅ Inspection control after completion of work.

Polishing is a technological process, skipping or poor-quality performance of only one stage will reduce all efforts to nothing and will not give the desired result.

The specialists of our studio, going through the entire technological chain step by step, bring the paintwork to perfect smoothness. This gives the coating a magnificent shine.

Polishing the most difficult to reach places

Процесс детейлинг-полировки кузова автомобиля затрагивает все труднодоступные места.
Мелкие детали бампера, декоративные решетки и эмблемы, области под дверными ручками не останутся без вниман

The process of detailed polishing of the car body affects all hard-to-reach places.

Small details of the bumper, decorative grilles and emblems, areas under the door handles will not be left without attention thanks to the skills of our specialists and special miniature polishing attachments.

We also produce windshield polishing.

We restore automotive optics by polishing.

We all understand that over time, headlights and lanterns fade, scratch and accumulate chips.

We are happy to help you with surface upgrades. This is a great way to freshen up the car’s appearance and is also an important procedure for increasing your safety while traveling!

Polishing interior elements with the utmost attention to detail

Polishing is a simple and effective way to make plastic and wood interior elements look great! The time you spend in the car will become more enjoyable, and trips will be even more enjoyable!

 Doorfrom 2 100 ₽
 Hoodfrom 3 150 ₽
 Bumperfrom 2 100 ₽
 Rooffrom 4 200 ₽
 Wingfrom 1 680 ₽
 Sidewallfrom 2 310 ₽
 Trunk lidfrom 1 890 ₽
 Headlightsfrom 2 100 ₽
 Lanternsfrom 2 100 ₽
 Total Car Bodyfrom 13 000 ₽

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