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The most expensive and vulnerable part in a car is its body. The cherished dream of any car owner is to preserve the original appearance of their vehicle, to prevent premature corrosion, chips and stains on the glossy, and even more so, matte surface of the paintwork. The protective film for the car is the very innovative product that will fully cope with all these tasks and will preserve the impeccable appearance of the car for many years.

Invisible body protection.

The anti-gravel polyurethane film will protect your car from sudden dangers on the way.

Polyurethane will become a reliable shield for paintwork from small chips and scratches.

1. It protects the body from solid objects. During the driving of the car, small stones and gravel often come across under the wheels. Bouncing off the rubber, they can cause considerable damage to the body paintwork, leaving scratches and dents. Anti-gravel film will prevent mechanical damage to the body.

2. It is resistant to UV rays. The film is not impacted by the negative effects of UV rays, it does not fade and does not lose its original characteristics. Moreover, it will protect the body paintwork from fading.

The film has a self-healing effect when it’s heated, it is easy to clean.

Polyurethane is completely transparent, so its application does not affect the brightness and depth of the color of the car body in any way, which makes it possible not only full, but also partial wrapping of body parts.

The hood and bumper, fenders and mirrors, front windshield pillars, headlights, niches under the door handles- these parts of the car are subject to greater danger during the usage. That is why we offer protection of the most vulnerable places, it’s “Risk Zone” Package.

This option is perfect for those who want to protect the car from scratches, small chips and other troubles on the road, while maintaining its original appearance during operation.

A novelty in our studio is the DYNOprism mother-of-pearl effect protective film for the car body.

Thanks to an additional layer of pearlescent inclusions of different colors, the film radically changes the appearance of the car, making it brighter, creating an extraordinary “chameleon” effect.

It also retained all the standard useful properties of a polyurethane film:

☑ Protection against mechanical and chemical damage
☑ High level of self-healing surface
☑ Extreme water and dirt repellent properties.

About optics protection

We all understand that over time, headlights and lanterns fade, scratch and accumulate chips.

We are happy to help everyone with the restoration, but often the surface can no longer be returned to its original state.

We offer you to stop premature wear right now by wrapping the headlights with an anti-gravel polyurethane film.

It can be either invisible protection or with a light toning effect for styling.

This film also has a regeneration ability. Small scratches on the film when It’s heated, for example from the sun or from a low beam bulb, heal.

With polyurethane film, your optics will be ready for the most extreme conditions.

We apply an exclusively individual approach to each car: we select a package that is necessary for you and your car.

Armored film for windshield

Windshield anti-gravel film takes all the impact on itself, just like real armor. Due to its density, it is able to withstand the appearance of scratches and chips from stones, hail and branches that the car meets on its way.

It is completely transparent, so its application does not affect visibility and light transmission in any way.

Detailing skill that is impressive.

Don’t try to repeat!

Working with polyurethane film is precise, there is no right even for negligence, especially for a mistake.

Ability + technique + skills + experience = professionalism, this is the formula of a detailing specialist.

Our wrappers easily pass the “perfection test”, just watch the video to the end.

An expert’s answer to the first most popular question.

Which is better to choose- film or ceramics?

Artyom, an experienced personal assistant, answers.

“First of all, you need to figure out how you plan to operate the car, and understand your expectations”:

1. If you are going to drive more on the highway, then you should think about the polyurethane film, at least on the front of the car, the so-called “Risk zone package”. However, do not forget about the rest of the car, so that it retains its original appearance longer and is protected from UV rays, as well as from fine sandblasting – I recommend treating it with ceramics.

2. If the car is going to be used more in the city, shop – home – work, then it is worth covering the front and rear bumpers with film, it will save you from unlucky parking users and carts in the supermarket. Do not ignore the areas under the door handles and headlights. I recommend applying a ceramic coating to the rest of the car’s paintwork!

Would you like to personalize the look of your car? Vinyl films are able to transform a car quickly and radically without harm to the paintwork and embody the most creative ideas, giving the body any shade or effect, highlighting certain body elements with the help of wrapping, or, vice versa, hiding it.

Finding the perfect (your favorite) color is not difficult with such a diverse palette of high-end car styling vinyls from the proved HEXIS brand.

Glossy, matte, textured, chrome-like, with imitation of carbon fiber, leather-like are the most fashionable and unusual shades.

These films are produced at a factory in France. They have high performance properties, as well as a reliable adhesive layer.

This Volkswagen Golf was “repainted” from white to a bright shade of Tiffany. In this picture, this coating is for more than 1.5 years old. The owner is delighted with the vibrant color and quality of the film.

Traditionally, the most difficult type of work has been the application of vinyl to a surface such as a car body. Complex curved shapes, the presence of non-homogenous curved surfaces, as well as the operating conditions of the car are far from all factors that must be taken into account while performing this type of work.

Our experienced specialists finished a refresher course on working with anti-gravel films at RUSSIAN WRAPPING SCHOOL, and have also learned to work with colored PVC films from well-known world manufacturers: ARLON, SOTT, HEXIS, therefore they will perform the work very accurately and efficiently.


Create your own unique style by wrapping any chrome elements: radiator grille, rear bumper trim, door moldings, roof rails and others with HEXIS black vinyl.

In addition to the classic black, there are film options with the original texture, for example, SOTT carbon fiber imitation film.

Wrappping of interior elements

The usual interior of your car will be transformed and will sparkle in a new way thanks to wrapping with the same vinyl film.

For example, one of our works in this direction is “Forged Carbon” with a unique texture in the interior elements.

Forged Carbon is a black HEXIS laminated vinyl wrap. The CFRP compound includes rubberized particles to form the desired texture. The fibers on the outer layers of the film are distributed in such a way that a carbon effect is formed, and it is almost impossible to distinguish from the original material with the naked eye.

About its benefits:

☑ It looks prestigious and gives the car a more expensive look.
☑ The film will protect the wrapped surfaces from scratches, dirt and burnout.
☑ No special care of the coating is required.
☑ The material can be easily dismantled if necessary.
☑ The service life of the film is very long (up to three years).

We did not find any drawbacks. The carbon film is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A variety of films will allow you to embody your most daring ideas and emphasize the individuality of your car!