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  • For rims

Do you want to return and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your car for a long time? The specialists of our Luxury Detailing Pro detailing center know how to make the car shine with new colors and delight you with such an effect for many years!

The whole secret lies in the innovative Ceramic Pro coating from NANOSHINE LTD, which is able not only to preserve the factory gloss of a recently purchased car, but also to change the appearance of a used car unrecognizably.

Ceramic Pro 9H nanoceramics are a new generation of multifunctional nanoceramic protective compounds with extreme durability. Premium coating designed for long-term protection of the body and its parts from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, and the “cobweb” effect after washing.

Deeper and brighter color, ultra smooth and mirror-like shine.

Special filters of the composition block ultraviolet radiation, as a result, the treated surface does not fade even under the influence of sunlight, and the car heats up less in hot weather. In addition, the composition protects the body from chemicals and aggressive external environment. All of them ensures long-lasting, comfortable and aesthetic operation of your vehicle.

A significant advantage of the product is the ability to join layers, allowing you to create the required thickness of the protective layer, which forms strength and protection. Each layer of Ceramic Pro 9H increases the coverage of your car by 1-2 microns, without removing a single micron of paintwork. Moreover, the number of possible layers is flexible enough and varies from 2 to 10, allowing the owner to choose the required degree of protection for the car, based on the intensity of operation and the negative impact on it. The more layers of 9H, the stronger the protection.

Stages of car treatment with nanoceramic coating:

✅ Professional acceptance of the car for work (using special equipment);

✅ Two-phase car body wash;

✅ Cleaning doorways and trunk lids;

✅ Chemical and mechanical cleaning of the body from stubborn dirt;

✅ Protection of unpainted plastic parts;

✅ Professional polishing of the car body with premium materials;

✅ Cleaning the car from the remains of polishing paste;

✅ Application of nanoceramic coating;

✅ Technological drying of each layer with infrared lamps;

✅ Processing of plastic body parts with a preservative;

✅ Blackening of tires with premium composition;

✅ Инспекционный конInspection control after completion of work.

We have found our reliable formula: during the application of the Ceramic Pro protective nano-ceramic coating, we use infrared lamps.

Each layer of nanoceramics, which can be from 2 to 10 layers, is subjected to technological drying with infrared lamps to “bake” the ceramic coating.

This is an important process, because each layer of nanoceramic must be thoroughly dried before applying the next one, so that the protective coating ultimately has the expected quality and performs all its functions for 100%.

The nano-ceramic coating will definitely fit every car, whether new or used, and will benefit as well, because it will noticeably transform and stand out in the street traffic.

To obtain a high-quality result, it is necessary to prepare the paintwork properly before applying the nanoceramic.

This is a rather lengthy process that requires a serious and professional approach. On average, the process of applying nanoceramic coating, including preparatory and inspection work, takes 2 or 3 working days. The total duration of the work is agreed upon after the inspection of the vehicle.

In Luxury Detailing Pro, the treatment of cars with Ceramic Pro 9H compounds is performed by specialists who have completed a training course at an authorized Ceramic Pro center.

The most frequently asked questions:

What does ceramics really do?

1. Long lasting gloss and depth of color.

The color of the car acquires newness and becomes much brighter. In addition, the nano-coating has a mirror effect. Perfectly smooth shiny surface of the body will always give the car elegance and neatness, as well as protection of its paintwork from premature burnout and fadedness.

2. Hydrophobic effect and self-cleaning.

The substances, which contained in nanoceramics have a strong water-repellent effect. The car will get significantly less dirty and the number of washes will be significantly reduced.

3. Protection against chips and small scratches.

If you want to cover the car with ceramics with the purpose of full protection against mechanical damage, then you better consider the option of full or partial pasting of the body with a film. No ceramic coating can provide the same protection as polyurethane.

Nanoceramics rescues from swirl and “holograms” perfectly, but there is no need to talk about full-fledged protection. However, the coating improves scratch resistance with each layer and the body receives much less damage.

How long will a nanoceramic coating last?

The average service life of ceramics is 1.5 to 3 years. It all depends on the correct subsequent car care. all the recommendations for the protection of nanoceramic coatings are below.

What does the nanoceramic coating protect against?

It protects against reagents, acid rain, poor-quality washes, from animal waste products, the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and from sandblasting. Ceramic does not protect against deep scratches and chipping from gravel.

The nano-ceramic coating will definitely fit every car, whether new or used, and will benefit as well, because it will noticeably transform and stand out in the street traffic.

How to prolong a protective coating.

1. Detailing washing.

It should be remembered that the application of nano-ceramics takes time for the coating to cure. In the first 14 days from the moment of applying the coating, the car body must not be washed. Next, you should use a two- or three-phase detailing washing. The coating gains maximum protective properties within 3-4 weeks from the moment of application.

2. Elimination of abrasive impact.

The car must not be subjected to mechanical stress such as wiping with rags, as well as apply additional preservatives. Be extremely careful!

3. Control examination.

The first wash and inspection of the coating must be carried out by specialists. We do this work for free. The only thing that is required of you is to choose a convenient time for appointment.

4. Maintenance of the protective coating.

We recommend renewing the top layer once every 12 months in order to retain the coating its maximum gloss and hydrophobic effect.

We offer our clients the application of only those ceramic compositions that have been tested by time and our experience. Depending on the characteristics of your car’s varnish, we will select the optimal combination of compounds to achieve maximum gloss, hydrophobicity, protection and durability of the coating.


1. For leather surfaces:

✔It is used to protect absolutely all genuine leather products

✔the surface is easy to clean

✔It renews and saturates the color

✔superhydrophobic effect

✔UV resistance

✔service life is 6-9 months

The leather interior of a car is beautiful, respectable and stylish. However, the surface of the leather on the seats is constantly exposed to mechanical stress. In the hot season, moisture evaporates, and as a result, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and brittle. It is also exposed to frost during the cold season. All this leads to the fact that the salon loses its presentable appearance. To protect the leather from damage, most types of dirt, abrasion, minor damage in the form of scratches, cracks and creases, burnout and give the surface an updated well-groomed look, an innovative product made using the technologies of the future Ceramic Pro Leather – is intended.

Ceramic Pro Leather is unique in its composition. After applying it to the surface, an invisible thinnest absolutely hydrophobic layer remains, protecting the skin for 6-9 months. The color is renewed, becomes saturated, and further does not fade under the influence of solar ultraviolet radiation. Ceramic Pro Leather is recommended to be applied after a deep dry cleaning of the interior.

Treating the leather interior with protective compounds and not worrying anymore is the right decision.

We know too many stories in which the effects of serious pollution could have been avoided.

Real stories and reviews of our clients:

1. My wife and I were driving in the car, she was drinking coffee. I started abruptly at the traffic light, all the coffee remained in the salon. At first it was funny, but when the coffee dried up, there was an unpleasant smell and stains. I had to do an expensive dry cleaning.

2. The child in the back seat kicks the back of the front seat all the time. After so many unpleasant emotions, these marks were wiped off with great difficulty and there were stains. Now you just need to go with a napkin – and it’s gone!

3. I bought a new car with a chic light interior, and a couple of days later I bought jeans … We will not continue; the story is painfully familiar to many.

After applying the unique Ceramic Pro Leather composition, the situation will always be under control.

It is only important to react immediately and remove moisture from the surface with a napkin. You will certainly appreciate it from the first days.

2. For plastic and rubber surfaces:

✔It protects against contamination

✔It renews and saturates the color

✔superhydrophobic effect

✔UV resistance

✔it facilitates surface cleaning

✔it lasts up to 6 months.

The car requires special attention and care. Solar radiation, high humidity and dust negatively affect the parts of your car. Especially the surface of plastic parts wears out: dashboard, indicators, door handles and so on.

A real breakthrough in the fight against external influences was the appearance on the market of the multifunctional protective coating Ceramic Pro Plastic. By creating the thinnest invisible layer on the surface of the processed parts, Ceramic Pro Plastic allows you to return to all elements not only an excellent appearance, but also preserves it for a long time.

We recommend applying Ceramic Pro Plastic to protect absolutely any plastic and rubber surfaces from dirt and burnout every six months. This will not only save you money, but also help to qualitatively update the look of your favorite things!

3. For textile (fabric) and suede surfaces:

✔140 ° superhydrophobic effect

✔It facilitates surface cleaning

✔It protects against contamination

✔breathable structure of the treated surface

✔resistance to cleaning agents

Ceramic Pro Textile is designed using the latest technology in the high-tech industry (nanotechnology). This product is excellent for protecting textile (fabric), suede and even paper surfaces. Surfaces treated with Ceramic Pro Textile sharply reduce surface tension, so that any dirt is not absorbed, and liquids simply roll off without leaving any traces. This allows you to keep the flawless look of your favorite things for a long time!


A good overview is your safety!

Glass treatment with a hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating Ceramic Pro Rain makes it easier to drive in heavy rain and increases driver safety.

✔ Water droplets easily roll off the glass “balls” without forming blots and stripes, thus improving visibility in bad weather and, therefore, safety during the trip;

✔ At speeds > 50 km / h, droplets start to tear off the glass surface, which helps to extend the life of the wiper blades.

When is Antirain useful?

1.When it’s freezing.

At temperatures below 0, moisture on the windshield quickly turns to ice and interferes with vision. Most of the water comes off the glass treated with nanoceramic composition, so much less ice is formed.

2. When there is a puddle around.

The Anti-Rain coating is applied not only to the windshield, but also to the side windows and rear-view mirrors. Thanks to this, they will be less dirty from the spray of passing cars, which will significantly improve all-round visibility while driving. And even if a truck rushes by nearby, dousing your entire car with a wall of water from a nearby puddle, the anti-rain will tear the continuous film of water into separate drops and visibility will return in a second.

3. When there are insects.

It is much easier to remove insect marks from a windshield treated with nano-ceramics.

Anti-rain is not just about rain. Together with moisture, a lot of dirt gets on the window, and special hydrophobic compounds prevent it from clinging to the window surface.

We demonstrate the effective protection of the coating from water and dirt:

The procedure takes no more than an hour, while the service life of the coating is from 6 to 9 months!

The cost of processing the front hemisphere is 3000 rubles.


Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper is a reliable comprehensive protection for rims and calipers.

During the movement of the car, Discs have a lot of outer pressure like dirt and moisture, chemicals and other substances that damage the coating and cause corrosion.

It is important to prepare your vehicle and avoid unpleasant consequences.

With the help of a nanoceramic coating, the surface will acquire:

✔excellent chemical resistance and “immunity” to reagents

✔refreshed and saturated color

✔resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet radiation

✔superhydrophobic effect and easy cleansing

All this will significantly extend the service life and preserve the novelty of your car’s rims.

The cost of applying Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper nanoceramic coating on rims and calipers, depending on the class of the car:

Class B * – 9,000 rubles

Class C * – 11,000 rubles

Class D * – 13,000 rubles

Class B is a class which includes small cars up to 4.2 meters long, up to 1.7 meters wide

Class C is a class of vehicles with a length of 3.9 – 4.3 meters and a width of 1.6 – 1.7 meters

Class D is a class of vehicles 4.3 – 4.9 meters long and 1.73 – 1.82 meters wide.